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Cuplock Scaffold

Cuplock is a multi-purpose steel scaffold system for general access and supporting vertical loads. The unique circular node point allows up to 4 components to be connected in one fastening action.

Cuplock scaffold is one new type push-in steel scaddold. The original toothed Bowl connector design make the scaffold has feathures of rapidly cannibalizing, labor-saving, stable and reliable structure, fully equipped, versatile, large capacity, safe and reliable, easy processing, easy to lose, easy to manage, easy to transport, widely used and so on. Can fully meet the requirements of the construction of houses, bridges and culverts, tunnels , chimneys, towers and other buildings .

cuplock scaffold, cuplock scaffolding

Top/Bottom Cup, Ledger Blade

cuplock scaffold top cupcuplock scaffold bottom cupcuplock scaffold blade

TOP CUP forged 0.50
BOTTOM CUP punched 0.27
LEDGER BLADE forged 0.25

Vertical Standard

cuplock scaffold vertical standard

cuplock scaffold vertical standard Vertical standard is the vertical load-carring members. These components are made from 48.3mm O.D. x 3.2mm thickness high grade steel tubing. All standards incorporate lower fixed cups at 500mm intervals. Captive rotating cups secure up to 4 components. The lowest bottom cup joint is 80mm from the base of the vertical to give the scaffold improved structural strength. Vertical connection is made by means of a 300mm long spigot.

CV910 9'-10" 3000 16.65
CV82 8'-2" 2500 14.20
CV66 6'-6" 2000 11.65
CV411 4'-11" 1500 8.79
CV33 3'-3" 1000 6.15
CV10 1'-0" 305 3.54




Horizontal Ledger

cuplock scaffold horizontal ledger

cuplock scaffold horizontal ledger Horizontal ledger is the major menber to support the force from horizontal. These components are made from ¢ 48.3x3.2mm high strength low alloy steel tubing and two forged blades at both side, which specifications various from 10'0” to 2'2” is available.

CH100 9'-10" 3000 11.90
CV82 8'-2" 2500 9.84
CV80 8'-0" 2440 9.60
CV70 7'-0" 2130 8.44
CV511 5'-11" 1800 7.15
CV411 4'-11" 1500 5.92
CV40 4'-0" 1220 4.98
CV36 3'-6" 1067 4.38
CV30 3'-0" 910 3.80
CV110 1'-10" 565 2.50



cuplock scaffold transom

cuplock scaffold transom Transoms are designed for steel plank and wood plank, it is made up of ¢ 48.3x3.2mm high strength low alloy steel tubing with two “U” shape hook at both sides. It can be put to anywhere between horizontals for decreasing the support space as well as supporting the outside plank. Various kinds of transom are compliant with specification of horizontals, such as CI43, CIB43 etc.

CI43 1300 5.42
CIB43 1620 5.60



cuplock scaffold brace

Brace is used for the scaffold struture more stably, they are made up of ¢ 48.3x3.2mm, high-grade low alloy steel tubing with two swivel clamps (CCB series) or two end blades (CFB series). Various specifications of brace is available.

CCB82 2500 x 2000 14.20
CCB80 2438 x 2000 14.10
CCB70 2130 x 2000 13.50
CFB82 2500 x 2000 13.20
CFB80 2438 x 2000 13.10


Brace Jack - Adapters ( non adjustable and adjustable)

cuplock scaffold base jack

cuplock scaffold base jack Brase plate is a component for connect with the root of the vertical standards to support the vertical standards as well as transfer the whole scaffold structure weight to all the toft. Its specification as follows:

CCA is made from 140x140x6mm steel plate, tube and coupling pin.

CACA is made from 140x140x6mm steel plate, tube screw, handle etc.

CSJBP is made from 140x140x6mm steel plate, screw, handle.
CACA   11.80
CSJB870 870 5.30
SCJB610 610 2.30
CCA   4.50
CBP   1.36
CSJB   181



cuplock scaffold U head cuplock scaffold U head

U-Head is used to insert in the top of the vertical standard to support beam etc. There are two different styles available.

- Adjustable U-head is made up of “U” shape steel plate, screw jack and screw handle.

- Fixed U-head is made up of “U” shape steel plate welding with tube.

Board Bracket

cuplock scaffold board bracket

cuplock scaffold board bracket Board bracket of CBB10, CBB110 and CBB27 are designed for extending platform.

CBB10 is made from a tube with a blade at one end

CBB110, CBB27 are made up of horizontal, support brace and vertical standard.
CBB10 1'-0" (1 Board) 1.60
CBB110 1'-10-1/4" (2 Board) 5.75
CBB27 2'-7-5/16" (3 Board) 7.60






Steel Plank

cuplock scaffold steel plank

cuplock scaffold steel plank Steel plank is used for construction path and working layer. It is made of 1.8mm thickness and 228mm width steel plate punched anti-slip holes, two ends of hooks hitch the horizontals firmly and safety.

MODEL W x L x H (mm) WEIGHT (kg)
SP100 228 x 3050 X 80 23.32
SP70 228 x 2130 x 80 15.00
SP520 228 x 1572 x 80 11.80
SP310 228 x 1150 x 80 8.45


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