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Ringlock Scaffold

Ringlock scaffold is one upgrading product after the cuplock type. It s vertical standard uses a new, beautiful, sturdy ring plate as connections, which are welded on the certain length of pipes every 0.5-0.6mm. and has the connecting rod at the top. a buckle plate, top with a connecting rod. Its ledger is welded with bolt caliper at both ends of the steel pipe ​​.

Ringlock Scaffold Manufacturer

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ringlock scaffold


- Support for construction formwork engineering (including road and bridge construction)

- The exterior scaffolding for construction of buildings and the iInternal and external scaffolding for shipbuilding industry

- High working platform for renovation works and construction and installation works

- Set the temporary stage, the reviewing stand, billboards etc. for concerts, sport games, exhibitions etc.

- The current shed for construction units

- Large, medium and small warehouse shelves (three-dimensional shelf)

Vertical Standard

Standard is a force endure and connect component. It is placed in vertical as used. We can add one standard upon the other with the connective pipe. It is made of a pipe and several ring plates. We weld a plate every 0.5 meter on the pipe. Every plate has eight holes to connect the ledgers and braces. We have five type to choose and can meet the customer's requirements in addition. This product is also hot galvanized.

SS910 9'-10" 3000 14.60
SS67 6'-7" 2000 10.00
SS411 4'-11" 1500 7.50
SS33 3'-3" 1000 4.80
SS10 1'-0" 305 2.10






The rings, we have four different styles, basically we can meet the requirement all over the world. If the customer has his own design, we can also produce accordingly.



Horizontal Ledger

Ledger is one of main force endure and connector. It is composed of a tube and two ledger heads. Each top of it has a pin. They are inserted into the ring plate hole when we connect two standards. Normally, forteen types of the ledger is available, and we can produce the ledger according to customer's requirements. Finally ladger should be hot aglvanized.

SL112 11'-2" 3430 13.56
SL100 10'-0" 3050 12.29
SL90 9'-0" 2743 11.20
SL80 8'-0" 2438 10.10
SL70 7'-0" 2130 9.00
SL60 6'-0" 1829 7.93
SL54 5'-4" 1626 7.21
SL52 5'-2" 1572 7.00
SL40 4'-0" 1219 5.85
SL310 3'-10" 1150 5.20
SL36 3'-6" 1065 4.70
SL30 3'-0" 915 4.21
SL210 2'-10" 864 4.04
SL22 2'-2" 650 3.20



Ringlock Scaffold Brace makes the structure more strength and partly endure the force. It convert the squre shape of the scaffold unit to triangle. The make of the brace is simple. We press the each top to flat and make punch hole on it. We only need two pin to fixup as we assemble it. There are nine main types for your option. You can also order with your special need.

SB100 10'-0" 3562 9.60
SB80 8'-0" 3075 8.56
SB70 7'-0" 2848 7.30
SB60 6'-0" 2642 6.84
SB54 5'-4" 2514 6.20
SB52 5'-2" 2482 6.00
SB40 4'-0" 2291 5.85
SB310 3'-10" 2257 5.60
SB30 3'-0" 2158 4.96


Steel Plank

The main function of the plank is providing the working platform for the workers. All the planks are made of steel for safty, and there are anti-skidding holes and drainage holes on it. Of course hot galvanize is necessary which make the plank be resistant to corrosion and oxidation. We have six types and can produce according to customer's design too.


SP100 10'-0" 3050 22.47
SP70 7'-0" 2130 15.05
SP54 5'-4" 1626 12.93
SP52 5'-2" 1572 12.51
SP310 3'-10" 1150 9.75
SP22 2'-2" 660 5.79







Base Plate

Is a component for connection with the root of the vertical standard to support the vertical standard as well as transfer the whole ringlock scaffold structure weight to all the toft. Its specification as follows:

Base plate: CCA is made from 140x140x6mm steel plate, 36.5x2.0x114.3 and 42.9x2.4x25.4 tube. There are five punch holes on the plant.

Screw Jack: CACA is made from 140x140x6mm steel plate, tube screw, handle etc.




U-Head is used to insert in the top of the vertical standard to support beam etc. There are two different styles available.

- Adjustable U-head is made up of “U” shape steel plate, screw jack and screw handle.

- Fixed U-head is made up of “U” shape steel plate welding with tube.


Base Collar

The function of base collar is same as screw jack, and it can be
adjusted the height when placed the screw jack at the bottom.
Its structure is similar with the standard, but the tube is very short.

Rail Guard

Ringlock ScaffoldThe rail guard can connect the ladger or other guard equipment to the Ring Lock System. The views of the structure is like the left one.









Stairway supply a equipment for worker to up and down the scaffolding platform. It is mainly made from rail guard and plank.

Side Bracket

Made from ¢ 48.3x3.2mm high strength low alloy steel tube, support brace and vertical standard. Surface treat of hot dip galvanized for rust proof.

SSB22 2'-2" 650 6.6
SSB210 2'-10" 880 8.6


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